How to enroll

Be a Pilot!

Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? Seize the opportunity and let your dream come true! Apply for the CEFA Cadet Pilot Program and become a pilot at one of the biggest airlines in Central Eastern Europe. A job at Wizz Air is guaranteed!

! In this section, you will find all the necessary information on how to perform a successful application.

For starters, you will be presented a short job preview. You will need to complete an interactive questionnaire, whereby you will be given a sneak peak of the daily life of  a flight crew. If you really like the job and consider it as an exciting challenge, you will be asked to proceed to the next step  to fill out an online application form.

The form will assess whether you are a suitable candidate and meet Wizz Air’s basic requirements.

Please read all the questions carefully and answer them honestly!

Selection process

The selection process consists of an online application form and three demanding screenings. We have designed the selection process in a way that those who successfully complete it are  ready to take on the challenges of aviation and the job itself. The whole selection process is created so that your travelling costs and time required are minimized.

First part: psychometric test.

Besides executing behavioural assessment and personality diagnostics the test will look for  candidates with long-term aptitude for working at Wizz Air. The psychometric assessment system has been developed and validated with role analysis with com- parable pilots, technical and aviation centric professional roles. A number of appropriate aviation related tests make up the basis of the psychometric assessment system.

Second part: video interview.

Those candidates that successfully pass the psychometric test e will participate in a video interview. The video interview  will allow you to  record yourself answering a number of predetermined questionsThese video-recorded answers will be reviewed and graded by a group of professionals.

Third part: Assessment Centre Controlled Screening

Should you successfully finish the video interview, you will be invited for  a personal interview. The assessment will cover of a variety of tasks. Contrary to the previous tests at this stage it will be necessary to run a  controlled re-testing on both behavioural and aptitudinal fitness of the candidate. In addition to this there will be some teamwork, role plays, individual analytical exercises and of course the selection interviews.

Experts will always be there to guide, supervise and score the candidates. The location of the ACCS is Budapest.

Once you have competed a successful application process you can start realizing your dream and start your training at the Central European Flight Academy.

Expected start date of the training is 14 September 2015. By December 2017  (within approximately 23 months) you will start as a First Officer at at one of the base airports of Wizz Air.

Entry requirements

Find below the entry requirements for the Cadet Program. Carefully look it through and check if you meet all the requirements!

  • Age between 18 and 55
  • Right to live and work in the CEE/EU
  • Able to recieve a Criminal Record Check (CRC) Basic Disclosure Certificate and pass all Wizz Air referencing checks
  • Fluency in English both verbally and written, obtain ICAO Level 5 by the end of the program
  • Obtain an EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • EASA PPL and ATPL theory are allowed, however no deviation is allowed from the integrated program
  • High School degree (good marks in mathematics)

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