Cadet programme

The full program takes 98 weeks to complete. In less than two years you will obtain exceptionally high theoretical knowledge, solid practical know-how and outstanding airmanship in order to conduct a safe flight and later on to be a commander of an aircraft. You will receive all the required licenses and ratings to join Wizz Air as a First Officer.


Visual Overview

Timeline 4 Weeks 40 Weeks 4 Weeks 6 Weeks 10 Weeks 12 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 5 Weeks 8 Weeks
Flight Training   Phase 1 (solo) Phase 2 Phase 3A VFR Check Phase 3A Solo Phase 4A IFR Phase 4B SE/IR Phase 4C1 ME/IR Phase 3B CPL Phase 4C2 ME/IR Phase 5 MCC+JOC+TR

Phase 1


During the first phase of the training you will learn the basics of flying. After flying for about 10 hours you will be able to take your first solo flight.


Phase 2


After conducting your first solo flight you will improve your airmanship by having lessons on basic aerobatics and upset recovery. Together with the instructor you will be able to find out the limitations of the airplane. For this purpose  instead of the basic trainer, the TB10, a certified Zlin aircraft will be used. Thanks to the many solo flights you will have to perform during this phase a wide range of conditions will not


Phase 3A


Most of the flights will happen in the vicinity of Nyíregyháza. However, you will have the chance to navigate to other aerodromes too. First, to smaller airfields nearby and later on you will perform approaches and landings at busier airports.


ATPL Theory


In addition to the practical training, a theoretical part – ATPL – will also be covered throughout all the different stages of the program. The Computer Based Training (CBT) method will be used. However, face-to-face lessons throughout the whole training will also be highly emphasized.


Phase 4A


To assist to your studies and to provide airport and navigation charts, all the students will be given an iPad. This iPad will hold a complete database of charts so to helpstudents understand the use of different multimedia aids in a modern cockpit. The iPad will be used at all the stages of the training program and will also function as an EFB if possible.


Phase 4B


Up to this phase, you will fly according to the Visual Flight Rules and navigate based on country characteristics. As a second step, you will learn how to operate under IFR conditions.


Phase 4C1


By the time you get to this phase you will have learnt to fly a single-engine airplane under all kinds of circumstances both with visuals aids and with the use of on board instruments. You will then start the training for your multi-engine rating on a twin-engine airplane.

This part of the program will start with learning of the typical twin-engine emergency procedures on the FNPT II


Phase 3B


At the same time you will gain first-hand experience of actual multi-engine flying.


Phase 4C2


This will be your last flying phase within the program. You will incorporate IFR skills with its EFIS screens and anti-ice capabilities you will be fully skilled  to conduct a safe flight anywhere in Europe.


Phase 5


We will provide you with as many opportunities as possible to familiarize yourself with the Airbus A320 aircraft.. For this reason the Jet Orientation Course, MCC course and the Type Rating course will all take place at the FSC Training Centre in the Netherlands. You will receive extensive ground school training on Multi-Crew principles and on procedures. In total, you will receive 24 hours of training on an A320 VPT and 68 hours on an A320 Full Flight Simulator. Each part of the program you will be using full Wizz Air procedures.

The five phases will last for about   5 to 6 weeksand will be followed by a base training at one of Wizz Air’s base airports across  in the CEE.


Course completion

CPL(A) license with frozen ATPL(A)



ME/IR rating

Airbus A320 type rating


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